The Summer Night Sky

Summer brings longer brighter [hopefully] days and as a consequence shorter nights.

This restricts the hours of darkness during June, July and August to no more than about 6 hours at most.

The main thing to see is the Summer Milky Way - along with a very special summer phenomenon - Noctilucent clouds. These are crated when sunlight reflects/refracts off very high placed ice crystals and may show up as iridescent coloured 'fishnet' style clouds that are often only see around a few hours either side of midnight [1am BST!], when the Sun is at its lowest point in the sky.

The Planets are moving around and later in the year most will be lost to solar conjunctions.

Also on view wil be Comet 2015/V5 Johnson though not at its best since its souther hemisphere apparition earlier in the year

More details are in the sky notes and star charts enclosed.

Link to Noctilucent cloud information here....

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