The Spring Night Sky

The nights are getting shorter and this heralds the beginning of spring.

During late-Spring and early-Summer 2019, there will be a number of bright planets on show.

At this time of year there will not be any major meteor showers, though the April Lyrids can put on a show some years.

To make up for this, this time of year is traditionally known as 'Galaxy Season'. This is because a number of constellations are visible for most of the night that contain one or more galaxies. 

Constellations such as Leo and Virgo have many galaxies to locate with even a modest telescope on moonless nights. Both constellations and also Coma Berenices all contain galaxy clusters with 10;s, hundreds and thousands of members. Not all of the members of these clusters are easily visible, showing up as smudges even in long exposure images.

More details in the enclosed notes and star charts

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