The History of the Telescope by Dr Jurgen Schmoll, University Of Durham

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Fri, 06/06/2014 - 19:30

We are pleased to be hosting Dr. Jurgen Schmoll for a lecture with the full official title of "From the sight tube to modern mountain top astronomy - 405 years of the telescope - A short and by far not complete review of the astronomer's most important tool"!
This lecture will cover the full history of the telescope from its humble experimental beginnings to the latest developments in technology, covering the eternal struggle for dominance between the 'competing' reflector and refractor designs.
Anyone who is a regular visitor to star camps at Dalby and Kielder will be aware of Jurgen (an instrument scientist at The University of Durham) and his encyclopedic knowledge of telescopes and mounts. If you don't know him, why not pop along and see for yourself?
As usual, doors open at 7:30pm with an expected start time of approximately 7:30pm. Admittance is £1.50 for members and £2.50 for non members.