2017-18 HAPS Program of Events - sneak preview

The next program of Events is taking shape and already Linda, the Society Secretary, is hard at work putting the special touches in place - organising speakers for the Public Lecture evenings [normally the 1st Friday of the months excepting July].

So, as part of the 2016-17 program, Paul Money is coming on Friday 7th April and - since he gives discounts for a return visit, he's back again on Friday 5th May - in the 2017-18 program - for part 2 of a series of lectures entitled :

Triumphs of the Voyager part 1 [April PL] and part 2 [May PL]

These talks will be highlighting the major milestones and discoveries of the longest ever space missions - the Voyager Program - that started off in the late 1970s and have now reached far beyond the orbit of Neptune and are still trickling back date about the outer reaches of the solar system.

For the June2nd  Public Lecture the Society has invited Russell parry to detail the investigation of the Apperley Bridge Meteorite .... for a bit more information see this page ... http://www.allsafe.org.uk/appley-meteorite/